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ATMI Precast Hosts PCI Plant Tour

On Friday, November 18, 2016 PCI staff members toured precasting plants in suburban Chicago, Illinois – including ATMI Precast. Veteran and new employees alike got an inside look at the industry. ATMI Precast provided PCI with lunch and a presentation about the company and its projects, followed by a Q&A session.

“ATMI’s presentation showed a variety of buildings in the area that they had worked on,” said David Anians, PCI’s education and publications administrative assistant. “It was really fun to see all of the ones that I already recognized or had been in.”

After lunch, the staff toured ATMI’s new batch plant and the production facility, where they saw precast concrete wall panels being poured. ATMI hosts tours for various groups about once a week.

“We are very proud of our facility and our work. In addition, we always enjoy sharing experience and information,” said Paul Carr, chief operating officer. “I think we recognized that a large portion of the PCI administrative office staff had little or no exposure to precast concrete.”

The tour improved non-technical PCI employees’ understanding of the precast/prestressed concrete industry.

“I now have a better context of the processes and work our members are involved in each day, which gives me a better understanding of how to connect the dots of our various publications and education program,” Anians said. “It was interesting to learn how the plants are sized and laid out, which was hard to imagine before seeing it in person.”

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